APISENSE terms are based on apicultural terminology, this document aims to describe the terms we use.

  • Bee: A mobile user, actively and remotely collecting data for APISENSE.

  • Crop: An experiment written aiming to collect data from our Bees. It uses Stings and Darts to describe the collected data.

  • Dart: An action provider or helper for Crops (e.g. form, crypto, log, …). (currently technically identical to Stings)

  • Dashboard: The central server on which the Scientists push

  • Hive: The server registering available Crops, waiting for our Bees to choose among them which to collect for.

  • Honeycomb: The data collection server to which our Bees will report their Crops results.

  • Scientist: Dashboard user writing Crops and managing Honeycombs.

  • Sting: A sensor available in APISENSE, able to return data to our scientists via their Crops. (currently technically identical to Darts)