What is it ?

Bee is a mobile application created to give access to all public collects created. Every Bee user can decide to contribute or not to any collect.

How to use it ?

As any other application you can (soon) download it from your PlayStore for Android or AppStore for iOS. Install it, create an account and start contributing.

  1. Sign up / Login: First of all you have to create an account. If it’s not already done, create an account with your username and a strong password. If everything is okay you’ll be automatically connected to our process once the register process done.

  2. Setup your privacy settings: By default every sensors are available. If you don’t want to share some data like your GPS position for privacy reason or battery saving, this is where you should disable it.

  3. Visit the store: Based on your privacy settings, you will be able to see more or less collects in our store. If you see nothing, that’s because none of the running collect match your privacy settings. Once you’ve selected one collect, click on it, press the subscribe button and you’re good to go. The collect will automatically start.

Screenshots will come soon ;)