Contains all information about the current networkAnalysis.


  • duration (Long) : The test duration in milliseconds
  • error (String) : Describe the task error if any occurred
  • hostname (String) : [ping, traceroute, dns] The asked hostname
  • ip (String) : The test destination IP
  • jitter (Long) : [burst] Jitter as specified in RFC3393
  • lossRatio (Float) : [burst] Ratio of lost packets over the total number of packet
  • networkType (String) : Describe the type of network the user is on
  • outOfOrderRatio (Float) : [burst] Ratio of late packets over the total number of packet
  • packetCount (Integer) : [burst] Number of sent packet
  • records (List) : [dns] List of DNS entries
  • rtt (Rtt) : [ping] The RTT information
  • size (Float) : [download, upload] Size of the last download/upload
  • speed (Float) : [download, upload] Median speed of last download/upload
  • speeds (List) : [download, upload] List of speed sample for last download/upload
  • task (String) : The name of the last executed task
  • timestamp (Long) : represents the time of the operation.
  • traceroute (List) : [traceroute] Last traceroute data
  • ttl (Integer) : [ping, traceroute] The last found TTL